Keepin’ it fresh – underbody care

Let’s take a look underneath the Hot Rod Tundra. Heres how I keep it fresh under there.

Since I bought this truck from South Carolina, it really had no corrosion. Every October I have put the truck on a lift and spray the entire underbody down with Amsoil HDMP. Anything that isnt fully painted (or a braking surface) gets coated, usually twice. Its worked, because the underbody is in fantastic condition. Check out that Dirty Deeds Industries dual 3″ exhaust. That had to be custom made because Keith at Dirty Deeds does usually make EVERYTHING out of stainless, but he did for this truck. 🙂

You also get a good view of the TRD Swaybar and TRD rear leaf springs. Inside that pumpkin is the Auburn Limited Slip Differential.


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