Water/Meth Install

Water/Methanol Injection

Ive added an immense amount of fuel with the Aeromotive pump and the boost-a-pump, but I still wanted some more breathing room. I built a custom water/meth injection setup to add intercooling to the charge. Ive got it set up to only spray under high boost which keeps water usage down, its about a gallon of water for every 2-3 fillups if youre not driving like a TOTAL asshat. Intake temps have come down to where they are at or below ambient during a hard pull, and this makes me much more comfortable. I’ve run meth on my MR2’s for years, but with the truck Ive decided to do it not for extra power, but for a little safety, so I’m not specifically tuning for the meth, just adding it in over and above the already existing tune.

When I had the water meth installed, it was found that the valley pan under the blower had a small coolant leak, so this was fixed and cleaned up while the blower was out. The blower was fully checked out and bearings as well as coatings are doing well.

The Water/Meth tank is located behind the bumper and is integrated into the grill support, making it super easy to check levels and fill whenever I’m at the gas station.

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