Its All About That Stance!

I’ve had a few questions about the stance and suspension/tires I am running on this truck, so Im going to give that a little more attention here.


The truck is equipped with the following suspension parts:

  • TRD Performance Handling Kitt – Front
  • TRD Performance Handling Kit – Rear
  • Front Sequoia TRD Bar with Poly bushings
  • Rear Tundra TRD Bar with Poly Bushings

This gives the truck a pretty minor drop of 2″ in front and 4″ in rear. The rear could be dropped a little more, but I like how I can actually haul stuff when needed the way it is now. The shocks are TRD specific Bilsteins front and rear, and the rears have been replaced in the last year with another set of TRD units. This kit comes with a whole new seat of rear leaf springs, so there’s no trickery here, its just a solid well handling suspension.


Wheels and Tires

The wheels I’ve been running lately are the TRD Forged 22″ wheels. The suckers come in at around $700 a piece! SO….. I found a rough set and had them fully refurbished by Mr Wheel. The dude invented the wheel truing machine and knows his shit. He did a fantastic job on them. Tires mounted are a 305/45/22 Nitto NT420S.


Since Ive got flares on this truck, it is using a set of 1.5″ all aluminum spacers and extended studs to make it look right and widen the track a bit.

You can see the front is running about 3.5 fingers of gap, and the rear sticks up a little bit, its a little raked, and the look has grown on me. Front doesnt have any poke at all and looks perfectly flush with the flares. The rear pokes a hair.


Of course, when its time to get nasty, the stance goes to hell with a set of Mickey Thompson Drag Radials out back and undersized nittos on the front. It looks silly, but it works.

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