600 HP Tundra

Welcome to the home of the Hot Rod Tundra.

This is the story of an unusual connection. I’m not a “truck guy”, I’m a sports car guy. I like my sports cars small enough to feel like a go-kart, powerful enough to make you wonder if you paid up your life insurance last month, and agile enough to handle, in autocross as on a road course. I prefer them with the engine in the middle. But as I grew up I found I needed more room and more reliability. I started liking my engines bigger and I found myself behind the wheel of a murdered out CTS-V.  After that experiment in unreliability (A GM will run like shit for far longer than most cars will run at all, by the way!) I found myself looking for a replacement.

A friend sent me an ad for a Tundra in South Carolina, and it was over. Big engine, check. 4 cams, check. Forced Induction, Check. Enough room for the carseats, check. Sexy beast, check. As long as I could get over the automatic transmission and 5000+ pounds of heft, all would be good. When I inquired, the truck had actually been demodded, so I set about finding the guy who built it, then buying the truck and reaching out to him to buy all the parts back. I put it back together and then proceeded to go a little nuts and add more power, braking and entertainment to what was already a ludicrous truck. Something happened, I’m not sure what it was, somehow I went from MR2’s to a big red truck and loving every minute of it… this truck is, wow. something else.

I’ve loved this truck for 35k miles so far, and its been one of the most reliable and grin inducing vehicles I have ever owned. I hope you enjoy the page!