TRD Sport Seats

This truck, being a TRD Sport, came with different seats than most Tundras. This is the primary reason I have not installed the heated seat pads or upgraded to leather. It would be like putting normal bumpers on it. The seats are in excellent condition with only the drivers seat showing any wear at all. … More TRD Sport Seats

How does it Drive?

I’ve been asked how the Hot Rod Tundra drives…. I’m going to answer that question definitively with a couple of videos, but for right now, I’ll answer it with words… It drives like a 67k mile Tundra that has had meticulous maintenance and just happens to make a gross amount of power. This truck has … More How does it Drive?

Water/Meth Install

Water/Methanol Injection Ive added an immense amount of fuel with the Aeromotive pump and the boost-a-pump, but I still wanted some more breathing room. I built a custom water/meth injection setup to add intercooling to the charge. Ive got it set up to only spray under high boost which keeps water usage down, its about … More Water/Meth Install