Lights… again

I got tired of the crazy lights with all the LED’s and and all that, so I bought a set of basic lights with the light bars. clean and simple, then I put in a morimoto HID conversion. Goes well with the LED Fogs. Much happier with the look AND the lighting.

50,000 Miles!

  Been driving the Hot Rod Tundra quite a bit, I just love this stupid truck. It shouldnt be this much fun to drive around with 500+ horsepower is something the size of most living rooms.

Headlights Redone

Finally got the HID and LEDs redone in the headlights that BRad had originally modified. One was leaking so I sent them out to the guy that originally did them and had him make a few changes while he was at it.

Time to Start Remodding

I bought a bunch of the parts from Brad, the previous owner, and got the bullydog, head unit and a couple of other minor things reinstalled as soon as I got back home. Headlights need a little work, so Im having them redone again before reinstalling them.