Water-Meth Injection

I have run water meth injection on several cars and have always found the benefits to be huge, and I’ve learned a few things over the years.

One of the things I’ve learned is that while running water injection on top of your normal tune doesn’t yield the most power, it is hugely beneficial to intake temps and is basically octane in a tank. If you don’t tune for it you get about 60% of the benefit without running a risk if it fails. So, on the Tundra I chose to go the safe route and run Water injection over and above the standard bullydog tune.

I generally run distilled water in it, but I will occasionally dump in a gallon of Boost Juice forgiggles. There are differences, but because its not tuned, it isn’t a huge concern. The way I have it tuned right now only allows for the system to kick on at higher boost levels (starting at 6psi and spraying progressively more until it hits max at 10psi) keeping water usage low for basically no maintenance. The water tank is custom mounted behind the front bumper for easy check and fills. The pump is mounted next to the intercooler pump. I generally go through a gallon of water every 2-3 gas fillups, depending on how hard Im accelerating on a regular basis. 🙂

Water Tank.jpg

I built this system with the help of Prometh in California. He took a kit made for the LSA Cadillac CTS-V engine and adapted it for the Tundra. Running an AEM brain with custom lines, 2 injectors are mounted on each side of the blower on hardlines spraying a mist after the intercooler with a backflow valve to keep them from leaking into the blower. An AEM 5th injector is mounted pre throttle body to gain the cooling and sealing benefits of wetting down the supercharger rotors. The controller is mounted in the lower glove box inside the cabin for easy adjustment if its ever needed, which it shouldn’t.

The results speak for themselves. I monitor intake temps in the blower plenum (post intercooler) and I rarely see intake temps get above ambient when romping on it. If they do get up there simply give it some more oomph, the injection kicks on and temps drop by 20-30 degrees. Lower intake temps = less chance of detonation.


Because the truck isn’t tuned for it, if the buyer is not interested in running water or meth injection, I am happy to remove the system and use it on one of my future project cars.

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